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The Office of Workforce Innovation and Research is a multi-faceted organization that can take an idea from conception to evaluation into pilot testing and on to implementation. The talented staff consists of full-time employees, graduate students, and undergraduate students from a variety of backgrounds and interests.

The OWIR manages projects and grants in the fields of health care training, certification exams, games for educations as well as numerous research projects..

The Workforce Education Research and Development Laboratory is an incubator of ideas that can be used to prove concepts, assist with evidence-based decisions, and enhance teaching and learning. Examples of some of the projects from this R & D facility are a marketing video for Continuing Education’s 2015 summer camps, online training courses for the Illinois Department of Human Services, a series of games using inter-changeable multiple-choice question banks useful for exam preparation, and a student success academy to help middle and high school students become better academically. 


The mission of the SIU Office of Workforce Innovation and Research is to enhance the current and future effectiveness of organizations by maximizing the value of human capital through innovative training techniques and staff development.